The management of MEMBERSHIP data in terms of establishing the necessary infrastructure for the provision of services and the development of services is handled by our GEZ Technology business, provided that it is limited to our stakeholders with whom we cooperate for

By processing your limited data at the level required to provide the services, it is aimed to improve management processes and to maintain your satisfaction due to your use of the services. In line with our vision, you can create your MEMBERSHIP registration in order to benefit from our survey, competition, promotion, marketing and information services.

Our privacy policy is governed by the General Data Security Regulations (GDPR) at the global level and the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) at the local level. The data is collected in order to improve the service provided according to your demands, to inform you in our marketing communications and processes and to improve the services by protecting your rights. Your data is collected under our agreement, in accordance with the legitimate interests of our business, in accordance with our legal obligations and with your consent. The data collected is kept with reasonable security measures and shared with our domestic and international affiliates in accordance with our confidentiality agreements. While your data is kept for specified periods; it is made public in accordance with the interests of our business and our legal obligations.

As our services are provided on a global scale, your data can be transferred, accessed, stored and otherwise processed to third parties with whom we have a contract with our business. By sharing your data with us, you agree to share your data in both domestic and international collaborations of our business. Adequate protection of your data is the responsibility of our business.

Processes such as the collection, use, anonymization and disclosure of MEMBER information are managed by GEZ.