GEZ Technology company manages the "Services" of the website, application and other technology infrastructures it offers for its subsidiary areas. All services develop interactively with each other. By using the services, you agree to the terms and practices of the service.

We may change the terms you agree to access the services according to the requirements in order to provide you a better service, improve our services and establish your security. The right to make changes in our services belongs only to GEZ Teknoloji and its affiliates. We notify by publishing changes in our main processes. For this reason, we recommend you to follow our notifications. If you continue to use the services, you are deemed to have accepted our changes.

In order to benefit from the services, we offer you our MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT during the MEMBERSHIP. If you accept the contract and provide the qualifications specified in the contract, your MEMBER profile will be activated by us. Our contracts are legal documents that specify the terms of MEMBERSHIP and contain material provisions.

Limited access opportunities are given to our members in order to benefit from our services, and these opportunities can be withdrawn if the use contrary to the matters stated in the contract is detected. The infrastructure provided for you to benefit from the services cannot be copied and used for different purposes without the express and written permission of GEZ. Such behavior constitutes crime under the law, as the specified inappropriate uses are against intellectual property rights. For this reason, the infrastructure owned by GEZ and created for the purpose of providing the service cannot be reproduced, sold or used against GEZ for any purpose.

Text, graphics, photographs, images, moving images, sounds, drawings, "Content" in the areas you use to benefit from our services belongs entirely to our registered business and their use is prohibited without our written consent.

The laws, statutes, regulations or regulations applied in the countries and regions where the services are provided determine the delivery and utilization processes of the service. The responsibility arising from the contrary situations belongs to the party that has the responsibility in the process that affects the experience of the situation. All services will remain the exclusive property of GEZ.

You can access the login and subscription pages from the MEMBERSHIP profiles which you create to benefit from the services; you can enter or update the necessary data. The accuracy, actuality and completeness of the data are under the responsibility of the MEMBER. Suspicious subscriptions may be suspended or refused by GEZ officials. Confidentiality and security of the MEMBER Profile is under the responsibility of the member who created the relevant profile. In addition, GEZ is not responsible for transactions made from your profiles. For this reason, do not share your passwords with third parties. Immediately report security violations to the authorities

You must provide a valid credit card in order to use the services. It is the responsibility of the MEMBER to share the information accurately, up-to-date and completely and to keep it up to date. The objection period for collections arising from the utilization of the services is limited to 7 (seven) days. If there is no objection, the collection will become due, due to the use of the service, and if the payment cannot be collected within the objection period, the default interest shall be applied to the debt.

To benefit from the services in accordance with the security policies in the contract is important for the sustainability of your satisfaction.